Conduct International Projects

As part of its core values in individual and community empowerment, ECDC conducts humanitarian and development projects in the Horn of Africa. Since 1992, ECDC has shipped nearly 900,000 books and educational materials, estimated at $44.5 million dollars, for distribution in schools and libraries throughout Ethiopia. Following Derg and Communist rule in Ethiopia, the deterioration of cultural heritage sites and educational facilities in the ancient city of Axum prompted ECDC’s quick action.


This developed into the establishment of the Axumite Heritage Foundation (AHF) that facilitated the renovation of the badly damaged historic Governor’s Palace, the ‘Inda Nebri’id, transforming it into a public library in 2000 at a cost of about $100,000. ECDC is now fundraising $750,000 for construction of a new and permanent Axumite Heritage Library to better serve the growing number of students and patrons in the area.